Dedicated to our Community

Annual Auction News:

The Radisson Plaza in Kalamazoo’s Downtown District is the new venue for our 2015 Annual Auction “A Night Out with Muriel & Bob”!

Don’t forget to save the date on your calendar! April 18th, 2015

This year’s recipient is the Comstock Community Center.


The O’Leary Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to the support of programs in human services, education and health care initiatives that offer significant, potential support for individual development and community enhancement.

The foundation was established in memory of Muriel and Bob O’Leary who lived their lives for the service of others. Whether from the healthcare or education arenas or in their enthusiasm to community service, they lived to touch hearts and make their community a better place to live. This is a legacy their children, grandchildren, and friends have perpetuated through the creation of the O’Leary Foundation.

Dedicated to our Community